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At the northern limit of the Mafra Municipality, on the hillsides and valleys of Sobral da Abelheira, the most delicious strawberries are cultivated. 

The settlement has been involved in this activity for a long time, and in April and May, the hustle of harvesting mobilises many workers specialised in the most delicate and decisive operation of the entire crop cycle. The fruits of the strawberry plant are extremely delicate and must reach the market in the best possible conditions.

The strawberries in Sobral da Abelheira are almost entirely cultivated in the open, under cover, and the majority of the produce of this region is sent to supermarkets, wholesale markets and municipal markets. To mark the end of the harvest season, every year in June, the Strawberry Festival is organised.

In recent years, strawberries have also been produced in other parts of the municipality. This produce and its derivative products, such as liquors and compotes, are prevalent in the municipal fairs, where regional products mark their presence.