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Sting ray

Traditions can be best observed in the streets of the north area of the town of Ericeira, reflecting ancestral habits of a land dedicated to the sea and forms of supporting families in times of famine.

Dried sting ray continues to form part of Ericeira’s urban landscape, hung from rails, like clothes hung out to dry. After preparing and washing it well, the sting ray is salted, before being stacked. When there is sun, it is placed at the door of the house so that it can dry.

As with dried bacalhau (codfish), there are 1001 ways of preparing this fish. The most common one is to eat it cooked, but connoisseurs cannot resist a good raia alhada (sting ray with garlic) or pitéu de raia (sting ray snack), both of which are snacks of indisputable quality.