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Sant’Ana Farm

Do you need a break or a change of scenery? Pack your bags with the basics and spend some time at the marvellous Sant’Ana Farm, 30 minutes away from Lisbon.

This family property is involved primarily in three activities: production of authentic wines that are full of character; receiving guests in typical country cottages; and organisation of customised events for an international clientele.

This century-old farm was offered by King Luís to the actress Rosa Damasceno, with whom he had fallen in love, even ordering the construction of a theatre in its interior.

In 1969, the Sant’Ana Farm came to be acquired by Baron Gustav Von Fustenberg. Lost after 25 April 1974, it was eventually recovered by that German family in 1992. Today, his daughter Ann and her husband James Frost manage the destiny of this amazing property full of meadows, valleys, streams, secret gardens and the famous vineyards.

In the winery, it is possible to try out wines made from Portuguese varieties which are grown among some carefully selected international varieties. Touriga Nacional, Aragonez, Merlot and Pinot Noir perform very well under the region’s climate, resulting in deliciously concentrated, complex and elegant reds.

More information on http://www.quintadesantana.com/