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Pedra Branca Farm

The five hectares of the Pedra Branca Farm are the best means of getting to know the history of a family that left the city of Lisbon in 1999. 

Their destination was Monte Gordo, a small settlement in Mafra Municipality. The farm was abandoned at the time, but before long, it was transformed into a serious success story: vines and Rocha Pear trees were planted; paths were built; wells were sunk; automatic irrigation was installed and landscaping was performed. Today, you can buy a little of everything on the Pedra Branca Farm, and it’s organic too. Its “Eco-Friendly” campaign has transformed the tastes of consumers, making them more enthusiastic about organic food.

The Pedra Branca Farm performs deliveries in the Lisbon region, based on the day of the week, and this includes more than fruits and vegetables: you can also procure eggs, eco-friendly meat, aromatic herbs, cheeses and olives, as well as other organic products.