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Pão de Mafra (Mafra Bread)

The rural landscape of Mafra Municipality features tens of windmills that illustrate the role of bread as a staple food for populations in the recent past. They are proof of the vitality of an industry that has not been lost, but has been renewed and modernised. 

Pão de Mafra is one of the treasures of this rural Portuguese world, recognised for its sweetened flavour, soft crumb and soft crust.

Since 2012, Pão de Mafra is a registered trademark. The main objective of this product certification was to combat imitations, which was always a problem for its producers.

With regard to the recipe, all we can say is that it involves a bread with a high water percentage, made up of 80-type wheat flour, 70-type rye flour, salt and yeast.

Barril, Carvalhal and Encarnação are the places where this activity is most important, producing bread for the entire country.

In order to promote the Pão de Mafra brand, the Municipal Council organises an annual Pão Festival, in the Cerco Garden.

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