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The typical “coelho à caçador” (rabbit, hunter style), or the partridge and stock dove occupy a special place at the tables of the great hunting aficionados of Mafra Municipality, and there is an even greater variety of other dishes prepared with species that are not commonly available to the general population. 

Such is the case with the fallow deer or the wild boar, which are the main attraction in the culinary show “Sabores da Tapada Real” (Flavours of the Tapada Real), organised since 2007 by the Municipal Council and by the Tapada Nacional (National Deer Ranch) of Mafra.

Game meats, prepared by the restaurants in the region, are sourced from the Tapada de Mafra, as a means of hunting management of the place, aiming to ensure ecological balance and species renewal, given the absence of natural predators in this space, which is the largest enclosed green area in Portugal.