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Fresh and dry cheeses

Mafra Municipality is the country’s largest producer of fresh cheese, and Montemuro, in the parish of Santo Estevão das Galés, is the area most involved in this activity. 

This is an important economic activity for the region, an important source of income for local agriculture, resulting from a long tradition of artisanal and home-based production of fresh cheese for sale, in a period in which the vendors would travel almost daily to the region’s markets and up to Lisbon, to sell their products. These cheeses and “requeijão” or whey cheese (made from the milk whey left over in the cheese manufacturing process) would be prepared with single variety milks, cow, sheep and/or goat, or a mixture of milks, depending on the type and quantity of animals available in the agricultural household, as well as their resources.

They are irresistible, fresh (as the name indicates), flavourful and with an award-winning texture. But whey cheese or cured cheese also stands out in the flavours originating from this region, and they can be found not only in the traditional stores, but in all large supermarkets. Read the labels on these products. If it is from Mafra, its quality is bound to be exceptional.